Jack J Hutchinson

A Last Waltz with the Boom Band


It’s not often that seven of the UK’s most celebrated lead guitarists share a stage. However, the audience at the Half Moon Putney were treated to just that on 30 December at the Boom Band’s Christmas Party.

Rattling through an extensive setlist of original material and choice covers, Hutchinson joined the ‘blues supergroup’ featuring: Marcus Bonfanti, Rosco Levee, Ron Sayer, Joel Fisk, Jon Amor, Artie Zaitz, Jamie Lawrence, Matt Taylor and Wayne Proctor.

Hutchinson played his popular track ‘Boom!’, from his top 20 EP Unplugged, plus covers of BB King and Magic Sam. He was also back on stage for the finale, with the Band’s ‘The Weight’ rounding off a superb night of music.

Commenting on his final performance of 2015, Hutchinson said: “It was a real pleasure to be invited by Matt Taylor to play. It’s a fine way to round off a successful year. I guess this is how the Band felt doing the Last Waltz!”

Photos: Al Stuart