Bow contract signed!

Today I officially became a member of Bow Arts Trust! So excited to move into my new studio with Elizabeth Murton and Lizzie Cannon. One of the key things I learnt after finishing art school in 2007 was my need for 1) a space separate to my living accommodation in which to create artwork and 2) a supportive peer group. I initially struggled to maintain a focus on my drawing because I was using the same space (i.e. my flat in Tulse Hill) as an office for writing, admin etc. Although these elements are integral to my professional practice, when I took my first studio in 2008 I immediately found that having a separate space where I could concentrate primarily on my visual work was more productive. It certainly costs more but is definitely a positive investment!

I am looking forward to getting started and sharing a space with such a superb group of artists.

One thought on “Bow contract signed!

  1. Hey great news. I just joined too. Took my studio on a few weeks back. Maybe we could introduce ourselves. It’d be great to meet some others in the building 🙂
    I’m in B2-3….

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