Yorkshire puddings and blues… a winning combination!

After a busy week including a trip to York, some more recording and lots of writing, last night was time to let loose at Ain’t Nothin’ But. As usual it was a packed audience, with some familiar faces (including my parents!). I played a couple of sets with some pretty talented guys, including harmonica player Marco Farris, guitarists Marc Burguera and Tsukasa Kataoka and singer and guitarist Barry Jackson.

We played some new material plus a couple of new covers including Blues Suede Shoes and If You Let Me Love You. On the latter Marc and Marco played some particularly tasty stuff. I also played some slide with the house band during Barry’s set. It’s a slow learning process but I do feel like I’m improving. Hardly Duane Allman though…!

In other news, we are fast approaching the next full band gig – next Sunday at the Old Queens Head in Angel. It should be a busy one, not only for the music but the fact they serve a decent roast at the venue (you can even book tables at the event). Yorkshire puddings and blues… a winning combination!

Click here for more details.

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