Playing the Borderline

Jack J Hutchinson at the Borderline

It’s been another busy week, taking in recording, four gigs and a trip to Farnham in Surrey!

The highlight was undoubtedly playing the Borderline last Friday. My last visit to this venue was to watch one of my heroes Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes with his band. It was great to play guitar for Kirsten McClure in front of a busy crowd.

Other gigs included the Tram and Social on Saturday. Strange audience with this one. They were either completely stoned or had lost the ability to make any noise whatsoever. Seriously, it was very quiet. Great for some bands, but come on, this is blues music to dance to…!

I also played at Ain’t Nothin’ But blues jam on Monday run by Oliver Darling of Mike Sanchez fame. As usual, it was great vibe and left me with a headache the next morning.

Next up is recording at Universal tomorrow. We are trying to finish off the last two tracks for the E.P. One has a sort of Govt Mule feel, whilst the other is the only acoustic tune on the record. Fingers crossed they come together well.


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