Jack J Hutchinson Band have released a new video and single featuring contributions from 50 of their fans, recorded in lockdown.

The band performed ‘Sleep, Awake, Obey!‘ individually in the safety of their own homes, with fans then adding their voices to create a mammoth ‘live’ version of the track.

Explaining how it came together, Jack J Hutchinson comments: “I basically wanted to create something that was fun for my fans that would take their minds off coronavirus Covid-19 for a little bit. We posted a call out on social media and were blown away by the response. It’s been a really heartwarming experience and I’m so pleased we put a smile on people’s faces.”

Drummer Felipe Amorim adds: “We had a range of videos, from kids playing guitars along with the track, to people on their motorbikes in their back gardens and even one guy in the shower singing along! All I’ll say is it’s a shame we’ve just missed Oscar season!”

Bassist Lazarus Michaelides says that humour is really important in the current climate: “We were talking about doing a more comedic video along the lines of the classic Foo Fighters ones before we went into lockdown. Ultimately this has been a great way of pulling the rock community together in a positive way. It certainly made us smile when we saw the finished video!”

‘Sleep, Awake, Obey!’ was directed by Jon Theobald and is available to view on YouTube. WATCH HERE

It is also available on vinyl style CD, which also includes the original track, taken from the new album ‘Who Feeds The Wolf?’, plus a karaoke version for fans to sing along at home. ORDER HERE

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