Live in France album and film

This week sees the release of Jack J Hutchinson’s new live album ‘Bootleg Series Vol.3: HRB Festival‘ and film ‘Live in France‘.

The 13 track record, which is available on limited edition vinyl style CD and digital, captures the band in full flight at their first show on mainland Europe since before the pandemic.

Recorded last month in a beautiful theatre in Grenay, it includes various tracks from last year’s ‘Who Feeds The Wolf?’, plus songs from Hutchinson’s other albums ‘Paint No Fiction’ and ‘Set Your Heart For The Sun’. Also featured is a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’.

Accompanying the album is the film ‘Live in France‘, which features HD multi-cam footage of all 13 tracks, plus bonus backstage footage of the band as they prepared to hit the stage.

The film was edited and directed by Jack J Hutchinson Band bassist Lazarus Michaelides.

Explaining what the show in France meant to the band, Hutchinson comments: “We have, like most bands, been royally fucked by the coronavirus pandemic. We essentially lost 12 months of touring, which has had a massive impact on our plans. But we have a pretty relentless attitude and simply refuse to give up.”

“When we got the offer to play in France we couldn’t refuse it. The organisers did a fantastic job of making the event covid secure, and basically left us to do our job – which was to rock the shit out of that audience!”

“Laz being the mad hatter that he is suggested we film the show and record it for a live album. It’s raw as fuck, but exactly what I love about proper old school live albums. We had a blast and we hope the listeners at home will too. Maybe skip the bit where I attempt to speak French though…I’m a lad from Burnley and the accent didn’t quite hold up!”

Funds from sales of the live album will go into the kitty for recording sessions for Hutchinson’s next album ‘The Hammer Falls‘.

“Every band always says about their new material that it is their best yet. And then the majority of them release ‘Be Here Now’. I genuinely believe the new songs are my best so far. Once our two week quarantine is over we’ll be back at Momentum Studios in Devon working on the songs. Technically this is my 3rd solo album…but there ain’t gonna be anything tricky about it. Let’s face it, real life is tricky enough for everyone right now – it’s high time to bloody rock!”

‘The Hammer Falls’ will be released 23 March 2021. Follow the recording process at Momentum Studios via Patreon:

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