Bow Arts Open Show 2012

I am pleased to announce my drawings have been selected for the Bow Arts Open Show 2012. The exhibition is curated by Bob and Roberta Smith (Artist), Skye Sherwin (Arts writer, Guardian), Emilie Faure (White Cube) and Rosamond Murdoch (The Nunnery). Speaking about the selection, Bob & Roberta Smith said, “This is a celebration of […]

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Report from ISEA 2011

I have published this short report on my talk at ISEA 2011 on AIR: How can share working enhance the lives of individual artists? My talk at ISEA 2011 aimed to explain how AIR is facilitating new dialogue between individuals and organisations, acting as the catalyst for new engagement and discussions that will enhance the working lives of […]

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Brief Encounters at Malt Cross

Only a couple of days until the Diana Ali curated exhibition Double Lives: Duple Trials opens at the Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham. Just finishing up a slide projection using iDVD. Looks good, it will be interesting to see how it is framed in the space alongside my drawings. I am really keen to use this […]

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AIR Podcast January

The latest edition of my monthly podcast for AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation is now available to download! This month I report on the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation donation to the National Gallery, high levels of remuneration from the arts in Cumbria and Derby, plus all the latest news from the AIR Activists network. AIR […]

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Double Lives: Duple Trials

I will be exhibiting in Double Lives: Duple Trials at the Malt Cross Gallery (12 to 25 Feb). A ‘double life’ conventionally is a life of two identities where one is simultaneously involved in two sets of circumstances and retains the secrecy of one from the other. The exhibition hopes to explore these two sets […]

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AIR Podcast July

With over 14,500 members AIR is now the largest ever membership body for visual artists. Surveyed in 2009, 90% of its members confirmed they wanted AIR to “lead campaigns for increased representation of artists’ concerns to government and policy makers.” This month’s AIR Podcast is a roll-call for engagement and communication with the new coalition […]

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AIR Podcast May

This month I am reporting on the first public speech by the new culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The arts face inevitable cuts – but Mr Hunt has promised to offset them with more lottery money and a major drive to increase philanthropic giving. Mr Hunt said he intends to place an order before Parliament in […]

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