Report from ISEA 2011

I have published this short report on my talk at ISEA 2011 on AIR:

How can share working enhance the lives of individual artists? My talk at ISEA 2011 aimed to explain how AIR is facilitating new dialogue between individuals and organisations, acting as the catalyst for new engagement and discussions that will enhance the working lives of visual and applied artists.

AIR’s campaigns and advocacy were discussed, with reference to our use of digital communications as a means of coordinating fast and direct action. Examples included our campaign for access to art education, which utilised Twitter and in particular the tag #AIRmarch26 to assemble artists from around the UK at the TUC march earlier this year in London. Digital campaigns including the Free Ai Weiwei and Artist’s Resale Right petitions were also explained.

Disseminating practical advice to artists, and AIR’s commitment to an inclusive framework, was explained. AIR Activists (regionally based, pro-active members of AIR) have delivered advice sessions across the country throughout 2011, with debates shared live on Twitter using event-specific tags. Video of each event is also streamed on YouTube, with the content archived to encourage continued discussion and critical debate.

Notions of collaboration were discussed in relation to AIR’s engagement with key organisations. These include Arts Council England, Artquest, Axis, DACS and Turning Point. Another key point of discussion was AIR’s enhanced international profile. Already a member of the European Council of Artists, AIR is continuing dialogues with the International Association of Art and is commissioning new research into international representative bodies for artists. We are also in the final stages of agreeing a memorandum of understanding with The Scottish Artists Union.

At ISEA 2011, I introduced AIR as the voice for artists, with these new collaborations, dialogues and services providing our members with a platform for their views and opinions to be heard by key decision makers. AIR is harnessing a new solidarity between artists, united in a common cause – to enhance their working lives and professional status.

Further links:

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Join AIR Activists today and become a pro-active member of AIR!

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