Statement on my current practice


Brief Encounter is an on-going project exploring the intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities across world-time and space-time. My drawings and video work confront this situation by offering a crucible where heterogeneous forms of sociability are worked out through a dynamic network of forms – before, during and after production.

Lines are traced in a globalised space that extends to time and geography: history is traversed like an unexplored territory. The work references future events according to a system of cognitive logic, presented as a kind of fake archeological re-enactment – relics whose historical placing remains unclear.

My work explores the act of discovery and documentation and the discourse between art and history, the ancient and modern, time and place. My use of detailed, linear imagery such as fingerprints addresses issues of identity and individuality with a forensic precision. An engagement with historical themes is reflected in my use of faded, delicate forms. The viewer is invited to encounter and explore the ambiguity of this imagery; the ripples of the fingerprints becoming almost map or maze like.

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