New website

Ok, I have bitten the bullet. After four years of stubbornness I have finally paid for my own website. My logic was that, with all these free services like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest allowing me to connect with new and interesting audiences, what was the point in shelling out my hard earned cash for my […]

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Statement on my current practice

Brief Encounter is an on-going project exploring the intensification and acceleration of social exchanges and activities across world-time and space-time. My drawings and video work confront this situation by offering a crucible where heterogeneous forms of sociability are worked out through a dynamic network of forms – before, during and after production. Lines are traced […]

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I will be participating in the Locus Arts organised group exhibition Coast at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, Kent later this year. The show will feature a wide variety of work in different media, including ceramics, painting, collage and drawing. I am really looking forward to what should be an interesting event and collaborating with Locus […]

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Exploitation in the arts

Exploitation in the arts is a hot topic at the moment. I have just read Emily Speed’s fantastic report on the issue in the February edition of a-n Magazine. In it she discusses the case of Nicola Vetta, who worked on an expenses-only basis for London Dream Motion Pictures Ltd. Her situation has recently been […]

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State of the Arts Conference

On Thursday 14th January I will be attending the State of the Arts Conference, Park Plaza Riverbank, London. Organised by the RSA and Arts Council England, the event brings together a wide range of creative voices to debate the value and purpose of the arts at a time of significant change. The arts and cultural […]

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Interview with AN Magazine

I was recently interviewed by an Magazine: What have you done since graduating? I have obtained my own studio and contributed to a variety of publications including a-n Magazine and Dazed and Confused. Have you stayed in the same city of the university/college at which you studied? I thought it essential I remain in London […]

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