Moving to Bow Arts

1 February marks the beginning of a new venture as I join the studio group at Bow Arts Trust. I will be sharing a studio with two superb artists – Elizabeth Murton and Lizzie Cannon, both of whom I met at my previous studio at Cor Blimey Arts.

Bow Arts was established in 1995 when it moved into its Bow Road premises, formed of two adjoining buildings, and started providing artists’ studios on the site. They run a fantastic educational programme, offering employment opportunities to artists that allows them to pay their rent and develop their creative skills at the same time. They also run The Nunnery, a contemporary art gallery housed at the site.

Whilst I am looking forward to joining such a reputable studio group, I will be maintaining my engagement with my friends from the Cor Blimey Arts network. Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley will be continuing the DIY Educate programme with their superb new venture – ZeitgeistArtsProjects. They will continue to provide a critical context in which practicing and emerging artists can gain valuable support and guidance – at a price that they can afford.

I will be contributing to Zeitgeist’s session ‘The Place to Be’ at Goldsmiths College on 2 March, offering insights into using social media, making applications and writing proposals. To book click here

Whilst I am sad Cor Blimey Arts studios are no more, I am looking forward to new opportunities and meeting new people. The most critical thing for me is a sustained period focusing on my drawings, with a view to having my second solo exhibition towards the end of the year. An inspiring, supportive network of artists, both old and new, physical and virtual, have been the lynch-pin for my practice over the last 12 months. Long may that continue…

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