Start of recording sessions for new album

photo-4This week saw the first recording sessions for my new album. My band are recording initially at Universal Studios in Fulham, with the plan to use a mobile recording rig to add some other elements further down the line.

The first day went really well and we managed to get the bare bones of four tracks recorded. Two of these are brand new songs written in the last couple of weeks. The first one ‘Loving Man’ has a definite Fleetwood Mac vibe, along the lines of Peter Green’s Drifting. Very much slow, grooving drums with lots of space around the guitar and vocals. The second track ‘It’s Never Too Late’ is a more upbeat bluesy number. Its pretty short, but I think we caught the mood.

We also managed to record the majority of the vocals on these tracks, all pretty much in the first take. I’m always really nervous about my voice, particularly in a studio setting but I was pleased with the results. There’s usually a temptation to add loads of effects but I want this recording to be pretty much warts and all, capturing what we sound like live. I have to say both Jim Brazendale and Rick Baxendale played some incredible stuff. Hopefully I matched it!

The aim is to grab some studio time here and there over the next couple of months, hopefully resulting in a completed album around early May. I’ve written around 30 tracks so it’s a case of trying these out in alive setting and identifying what works best. There’s some pretty traditional blues, plus some folk and psychedelia stuff. Ultimately it’s about seeing what fits together as a collection of songs.

I’ll be posting updates sporadically and it would be great to have your feedback as the project develops.


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