New acoustic track demo

I’ve been doing a spot of recording with my friend Stuart Moir. He’s a pretty talented chap and is a dab hand at violin, bass, and guitar. The track we’ve been working on is another new song called Hey, Hey, Hey which is a more mellow number that’s predominantly acoustic. Rick Danko came up a lot in discussions about the song, and I’m hoping there will be a hint of the Band in the final recording. Easy right?!

We are looking at recording this one with the full band in a couple of weeks time (once Stuart is back from a trip to Amsterdam). I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going.

Speaking of the Band, I watched a fantastic documentary on Levon Helm last night. Ain’t In It For My Health covers Helm recording his first album in 25 years, Dirt Farmer. All I can say is what a beautiful, genuine guy. There were a few moments in the film where it’s hard to watch, particularly knowing that it was shot shortly before his death. But the sheer grit and determination (not to mention talent) of the guy shines through. Truly one of a kind.

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