Who wants to be treated like Elvis?

photo-10Last night we played a great gig at the Old Queens Head in Islington, London. It was an early evening slot in front of a packed crowd, most of which were sat down and tucking into their Sunday roasts. Although this may not sound conducive to a killer atmosphere it worked really well. We played a couple of tracks off the new EP including Wake Up! It sounded pretty thunderous, mostly due to the Cat’s Eye Fuzz/Fender amp combo. All in all we were pleased with the response.

One thing worth mentioning here is the positive treatment by the promoter Chris Musicborn. Having been doing this gigging malarkey for just over 15 years I’ve come across both ends of the spectrum, from people who treat you like Elvis to others who speak to you like you’ve just slapped their nan. Chris definitely resides in the former category. We will be working with him again.

I never understand why some other promoters are so unprofessional. I see a lot of young bands getting treated like shit, whether it be buying into pay to play scenarios, or simply by being spoken to like they are a bunch of idiots. Part of the problem is that in London there are queues of artists lining up for the opportunities. So bands are scared of kicking off for fear of being blacklisted, and promoters don’t have to worry because there are thousands of musicians saying ‘yes’ no matter how bad the terms of agreement.

Of course there’s always two sides to the story and I’ve played with some pretty unprofessional musicians as well. However, more often than not it is the artists who come off worse. Put simply, musicians should be valued for their artistic skills and work.

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