Session work and trip to Amsterdam

1489098_10152022265911702_2007004023_nIt’s been a busy week taking in rehearsals for some session work I am doing later this month, plus a trip to Newcastle.

I’m providing some guitar work for Kirsten McClure, a great singer songwriter based in north London. The tracks are incredibly beautiful with some killer hooks and melodies. Apparently the producer has done quite a lot of work with Van Morrison so it should be interesting.

Later today I’m heading off to Amsterdam for a couple of days rest. It’s my first holiday in just over a year, which seems quite strange but it’s kinda the life of a musician/artist/journalist! We’re seeing Haim on Monday evening at the Paradiso, and will hopefully take in some blues venues along the way. It’s going to be good to recharge the batteries in advance of a pretty manic couple of months!

See you next week!

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