Review of Ain’t Nothin’ But set

unnamed-4A lovely chap called Colin Randall has written a nice review of last weekend’s acoustic session at Ain’t Nothin’ But. I remember meeting him briefly during the course of the evening and chatting to him about the venue and the quality of music on offer. He had lots of positive things to say about the other performers including Jeremiah Marques and Niall Kelly, describing it as ‘one of the best gigs he’s ever been to’.

Here’s the segment on my performance with Marc Burguera and Tom Brundage:

“Niall Kelly’s band provided a storming finale and departed the tiny stage, making way for the Jack J Hutchinson Band, “as I call it, quite non-egotistically,” Jack said when we found themselves shoulder to shoulder in the gents’ later.

Hutchinson is a compelling performer with a strong, growling voice nurtured on the cobbled streets of Burnley (if any remain) and useful slide guitar. The set was enthusiastically received by the growing crowd, dominated at the front by lots of young people of Hong Kong family origins celebrating the birthday of their tall, beautiful friend Vicky…”

In other news, we played an ‘interesting’ gig at the Alleycat on Denmark Street last night. The vibe in the room early on was pretty strange, with at least one idiot causing a few problems for my band mates. He soon shut up when I was blasting ‘Wake Up’ through a Vox and Cat’s Eye fuzz though and we went on to play a pretty fiery and tight set.

Job done.

Next up is the Water Rats on Friday. Now off to Universal to chat about the EP mixes. All sounding pretty good so far!

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