New Album and Pledge Campaign

Jack J Hutchinson is pleased to announce his brand new album Paint No Fiction. Out 1 December, the 12 track record will feature guest appearances from some of the UK’s finest Blues, Rock and Americana musicians, including Mike Ross (guitar), Alberto Manuzzi (keys), Loris Peverani (drums), Dani Rock (double bass) and Tom Brundage (harmonica).

The album was recorded over the last six months at Shoebox Studios in south London with producer Tony Perretta. The album artwork was designed by musician and artist Aaron Gardner, with photography by Rob Blackham.

The full tracklisting for the record is:
Deal With The Devil
Written In Stone
I Got Your Number
Hold Me Close
Hip Slicker
Cut The Noose
Set Your Heart For The Sun
Send Me A Signal
Skin and Bones
Rattlesnake Woman
Hard Right In My Dreams
Holler (CD Bonus Track)

Pre-order with Pledge Music

Hutchinson is delighted to be teaming up with Pledge Music to launch the album. Fans can pre-order signed copies of the record on CD, plus get more involved in the launch by ordering a range of additional packages. These include:

• A signed Telecaster guitar used on the recording
• Private acoustic gigs
• A private listening party
• A hat worn by Hutchinson on tour
• Online Skype tutorials
• And much more…!

Explaining the decision to work with Pledge Music, Hutchinson said: “To be honest I’ve always been a bit dubious about crowd funding but once I started chatting to them I got really excited about offering my fans something more than a simple release.”

Explaining what the funds will pay for, Hutchinson said: “I need to pay for the final stages of mixing, plus manufacturing, promotion and a music video. The finish line is in sight – with your help I can take the project to another level!”

“Dirty fuzzy blues mixed with Americana”

Commenting on the genesis of the record, Hutchinson said: “We’ve laid down some of the dirtiest, fuzziest blues this side of the Atlantic, plus a bunch of heartfelt Americana that will tug at your heartstrings.

It’s some of the most honest and powerful music I’ve ever worked on – imagine Neil Young on a night out with the Black Crowes followed by Gram Parsons and Charley Patton playing beat up guitars on a Sunday morning.”

‘Paint No Fiction’ will be Hutchinson’s second album this year, following his release with the Boom Boom Brotherhood less than six months ago. “Whilst recording the BBB album I was writing a hell of a lot. Some of that material didn’t fit with the other band and was more introspective and personal. I guess it’s a bit like Neil Young solo versus Neil Young and Crazy Horse.”

Much of the recording was done in the midst of a heavy touring schedule that has seen Hutchinson play dates in Russia and France, plus summer festivals including Ramblin’ Man alongside ZZ Top.

“Next year I’ll be doing a 10 date tour of Spain to support the record, plus a host of UK gigs. There’s lots of bands that do short bursts of touring then spend a year recording an album. That would drive me up the wall! I like to work quickly and keep things fresh.”

The first single from the record is ‘Rattlesnake Woman’, a psychedelic space blues track featuring a duel guitar solo between Hutchinson and Brighton based Mike Ross.

Pre-Order Paint No Fiction and receive the new single Rattlesnake Woman today!

Download the press release for the album

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