New album with RHR – ‘Mahogany Drift’

RHR is the new powerhouse band featuring the triple guitar-frontman line-up of Troy Redfern, Jack J Hutchinson and Mike Ross.

Mixing the best of southern rock, Americana and blues, the group are also heavily rooted in the jam band scene.

The band will release their debut album ‘Mahogany Drift‘ on 1 November.

The track-listing for the record is:
She Paints The Moon (Ross)
Rapture (Hutchinson)
Judgement Day (Redfern)
Mahogany (RHR)
Ghost Hound Rider (Ross)
Satisfied (Redfern)
Solemn Song (Hutchinson)
Drift (RHR)
Holler (Hutchinson)
Leviathan (Ross)
Miles Away (Redfern)

The album was recorded in two days at Brighton Electric studios, with producer Al Scott at the helm. The band is completed by Darren Lee on drums and Jack Browning on bass.

As a taster, RHR will release a three-track promo, featuring ‘Rapture’, ‘Ghost Hound Rider’ and ‘Judgement Day’, to coincide with their first UK tour, on 6 October.

Explaining the vibe of ‘Rapture’, Hutchinson comments: “Imagine the Black Crowes having a smoke with T-Rex and the Beatles. ‘Rapture’ was written at 4am in a random hotel in the middle of Spain when I was on tour. It’s about a girl who is trouble and a guy who can’t seem to let go. Is it autobiographical? I think we’ve all been there from time to time…! The middle 8 lyrics ‘one more for the road’ can be taken quite literally. I’d been uttering them to the band for the previous three hours.”

Commenting on ‘Ghost Hound Rider’, Ross adds: “I was thinking about magic buses, about Robert Johnson’s body being buried out by Highway 61 so his spirit could grab a Greyhound and ride. Reflecting on Skydog Allman’s swooping soaring slide and George Harrison’s biting solo signature. I reminisce over gospel tambourines and sparkling, lucid acid dreams of outlaw gangs on chrome-finned hogs in hippie finery and mirror shades. This ghost hound rider’s ALIVE!”

Redfern says ‘Judgement Day’ is a song about “half remembered feelings and images from a childhood steeped in religion, especially the apocalyptic narratives of the book of revelation. All this set against a silhouette of resonator guitars, old timey mountain riffs and a dark southern vibe.”

RHR UK dates:
6 October – Hartlepool Blues Club (RHR)
20 October – Mid Wales Blues Club, Brecon (RHR)
23 October – Tuesday Night Music Club, Coulsdon (RHR)
25 October – Haven Club, Oxford (RHR)
27 October – The Meeting Room, Elland (RHR)

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