AIR Podcast September

Why cut the arts? Based on previous research, it can be estimated that the average artist achieves 15,000 direct visitors to their projects and exhibitions annually. If the reported 25% cuts are implemented, 16% of arts organisations believe they are facing closure in the next 12 months, with a further 29% anticipating the need to […]

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AIR Podcast August

I Podcast on significant changes to the Coalition Government’s public bodies. The ‘bonfire of the quangos’ has begun, with Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announcing that 16 of the 55 public bodies under the DCMS remit will be merged, streamlined or abolished. The changes will be significant for applied arts, with the Museums, Libraries and Archives […]

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AIR partnership with DACS

AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation is an appointed company for collective licensing under our partnership arrangement with DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society). Last year DACS paid out almost £3 million to thousands of artists, photographers, illustrators, cartoonists and other visual creators through Payback. DACS pays these royalties to successful claimants in December each year. […]

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AIR Podcast April 2010

AIR reports on a crucial victory for photographers’ rights. Earlier this month, The Digital Economy Bill become law, but only after several key clauses were sacrificed. Crucially for artists clause 43, which relates to the copyright of images and orphan works, was removed. To listen to my audio report click here: AIR Podcast April 2010

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